Jana (janacjb) wrote in cheshirevet,

Anne Poked Me......

And I didn't realize it til I felt the blood run down my arm. Of all the places she could have poked me, she got one of the veins in my hand. She's good... we made some hardcore porn afterwards. You'll have to pay to see those pics though.

So, according to Lee she's being made a tech assistant due to her overwhelming popularity amongst the CVH staff and her previous experience as a tech assistant in Prospect. It's funny how neither are true.

I'll admit, I am slightly pissed off that she'd even be considered for a job... any kind of job... over one of us. Lee does fuck all to help the hospital attendants out and she's already convinced herself she's better than all of us. Part of me is glad she'll be out of my hair, but Lee is the last person I'd let boss me around.
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