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Guess what guys!! Shellie showed up today!!

She came in at 2, sat down in the lounge and ate her lunch... she was kind enough to offer Lee and I some of her Pringles. She needed a cigarette after her meal, so she went out and had one with Brian... I didn't see her again until about 2:40 when I found her asleep in the front lounge. The hospital attendants call a quick meeting and mulled over what to do... finally I went to Jenn...

Jana: I'm an ass.
Jenn: I know.
Jana: Shellie's asleep in the lounge. She came in, had her lunch, went for a cigarette and now is sleeping.
Jenn: *looks shocked* I'll uhh... wake her up and send her home.
Jana: Ok... something's wrong with her though, I think she's sick. She's not right.
Jenn: Ok, I'll talk to her

She followed behind me and I went straight into the kitchen. A couple minutes later Shellie comes out, all groggy, and goes "Jenn's sending me home..." sounding totally shocked. She called for a ride home and then Lee asked her to at least go start cat room before she went home. I'm not sure what happened after that, but Stacy came back a few minutes later and said Jenn was asking people not to go into the cat room and that she, Shellie and Dr. Lau were in there.

I guess Jenn thought she was drunk, but trust me.... Toopee wasn't drunk... she clearly popped some pills before hand and was coming down off them, still enjoying them... I don't know what, but she was fucked up.

Toopee is scheduled for tomorrow, I guess we'll see if she comes in or not.
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