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So I lost another dog yesterday. It was Zak a black shepherd/husky mix.

I was out helping Mike and Brian finish up boarding, it was about 5:30, completely dark out. The boys were standing in the fence with the little black Scottie things... Sally and something else. Rudi? Something like that... anyway... Instead of going into the fence with them [like we're supposed to] I stood beside the barn thing cos Zak likes to shit in the brush. So I'm standing there talking to Brian and Mike when Zak decides to bolt. I also wasn't using an offiial CVH lead, I had a normal one looped through so I was holding on to the silver clip. That came right out of my hand, so I started to chase after him. I tripped over that wooden border around the garbage and recycling bins and screamed cos I thought for sure I'd landed in shit or piss. Anyway, Zak was running to the other side of the trees where the dogs in prep are walked, so I rounded the corner after him. I was screaming "ZAAAAKKK" as I ran behind him, which is all the boys could hear. He circled the picnic table a couple times before I screamed "Zachary". He stopped dead in his tracks right infront of the door to prep. Of course I open the door and Dr. Chin is standing right there. He did his smirk thing, then went "Did he take you for a little run?" I was bright red and sweating while Zak was freaking foaming. I laughed and like ran back to boarding.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the CVH backyard, I'll include a picture.

I think the fence should be renamed in my honor. That's two in one week.

PS - At work today I actually said German Pointhaired Shointer. Mike and I laughed for a good hour after that.
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